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You can deposit at any time/You can withdraw if there is money in your account

Your account balance, profits, record, deposits and withdrawals all find it in your dashboard.

Verification is not compulsory but it is better for you to increase security.

Account verification is completely free. It is an additional service done by Ivvam to protect clients accounts.

You can choose a plan depending on the investment amount you have allocated

Contact support and you will get answers to all your questions.


About Us

A global company with many successful experiences and a large number of successful investors. We work in the trading of real estate and makes profits. All about the company is registered on the site and you can contact us if you wish to offer a specific proposal. With us many investors have built their future, where you can start investing immediately without Any additional complications we have branches in many countries around the world.

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Why Choose US


Where You Are Or Your Free Hours Are Not Important To Earn With Us, Where You Can Invest Online.

Expert Management

Management, Technical Support And Customer Service Are Highly Experienced In Solving And Avoiding Potential Problems.

Verified Security

2FA It's Very Important To Keep Your Dashboard Safe And That's What We Provide Here Where Your Money Is At Your Disposal Anytime You Want.

Instant Withdrawal

Withdrawal Fast And Secure, You Won't Need To Wait Long To Withdraw Your Profits. All You Have To Do Is Withdraw Instantly From Your Control Panel And Your Money Will Be Transferred To Your Wallet.


Our Customers Have Great Experiences Where Many Have Built Their Future Depending On Their Partnership With Ivvam.

Secure Investment

Here You Are Perfectly Secure As Ivvam Uses The Most Powerful Types Of Encryption And Protection As Well As High Experience In This Field.

3 Steps Referral Program

1 Commission


2 Commission


3 Commission


Investment Plans


10.00 %

Every week

Min 50.00 USD


Max 999.00 USD
  • For 16 Times
  • Capital Back YES


13.00 %

Every week

Min 1,000.00 USD


Max 4,999.00 USD
  • For 16 Times
  • Capital Back YES


16.00 %

Every week

Min 5,000.00 USD


Max 9,999.00 USD
  • For 16 Times
  • Capital Back YES


19.00 %

Every week

Min 10,000.00 USD


Max 49,999.00 USD
  • For 16 Times
  • Capital Back YES


26.00 %

Every week

Min 50,000.00 USD


Max 99,999.00 USD
  • For 16 Times
  • Capital Back YES


30.00 %

Every week

Min 100,000.00 USD


Max 1,000,000.00 USD
  • For 30 Times
  • Capital Back YES

How It Work

Create Account

Create a user account and make a deposit depending on the amount of investment you want.

Choose Plan

Choose a plan to invest in depending on the investment amount.

Get Profit

Now all you have to do is wait to make your profit based on the plan you have already selected.


If you want a plan that is not available just submit your proposal via ticket and we will study your proposal.